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Artist: Addiction Crew Lyrics
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Album: Track 7 on Break in Life
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[Music & Lyrics by S. Guadagnoli]

Stand what you stand for,
I know you'll cross the line
More give some more to life
and keep it rising high
Hold on...
So this time I know my self right, I know my self well
I know my self
drop the funk drop the bass yo
Sometimes I just can get it
Higher (so high to me)
And leave my hardtimes far behind
Higher (so high to me) and let the past dust flow away
So what about the passion,
Leaving the goodtimes into the badtimes
Gotta be strong to get out of it
I've been thru so many stuff that hurts I swear
Troubles melt with my life, handle my time,
Doing my best, that's what I want-
So this time I know my self right...
Words don't come easy I know, Y... don't come over
I would let U see my mind like a DVD movie's frame
Words don't come easy I know, Y... don't come over
I'm just about to tell your love that I'm feeling it

[Bridge & Chorus]

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