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i am sorry for the way that ive been treating you
youve been so good to me and i have been so cruel to you
i know im not the person you expected me to be
my baby i still care for you
baby i still want a life with you
that true
only to you can i be faithful

i know this pain ive caused you baby hurts you deep inside
i only wish that i could find the words to heal your cry
ive also made you feel like you are losing love for me
precious baby i am weak
and only you can help change the way i think
only to you can i be faithful

so i say sorry
i hope that you can understand
and i sorry
i promise you from now ill change
i just want you to know that i care

im looking forward to a time when ill be down on one knee
looking at you so beautiful im saying will you marry me
i see a tear drop in your eye and theres a smile on your face
does this mean that your answers yes
i wanna spend my life with you
at last only to you can i be faithful

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