Adie - Overwhelm Me Lyrics

Artist: Adie Lyrics
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Album: Track 5 on Don't Wait
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Overwhelm me with your love And never let me go Drown away the crashing waves Leave me water for my soul Overwhelm me with your love And heal my broken heart Keep me down upon my knees Till your love is all I see I have my hope in the beauty of your majesty And all that I cannot see I'm all I am Because of what you gave up Life for death How do I start to say that I'm thankful Jesus Overwhelm me with your love Set my mind on things above Show me what you have in store For my home beyond this world Overwhelm me with your love And burn my heart again Keep me focussed on your cross So I know I'm forgiven I know you hear me very time I whisper to the throne I'm all I am because of you

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