Adrian Belew - Men in Helicopters Lyrics

Writer(s) : BELEW
Artist: Adrian Belew Lyrics
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Album: Track 7 on Young Lions
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Wouldn't it be great
To see the African plains
Before they lay them to waste
And only the bones remain
Wouldn't it be poetry
To shoot holes in the poachers we see
With an elephant gun
Men in helicopters fly
Shooting rhinos from out of the sky
Why do we always assume
The planet is ours to ruin?
What a legacy we`re leaving behind
What a legacy
Wouldn't it be something
For the men killing dolphin
To be caught up by their necks
In their greedy fishing nets
Wouldn't it be irony
If the tuna fish canneries
Were to fall into the sea
The dolphins and the whales still left alive
Cry to the stars in the deep blue night
"There's nowhere to hide,
The people on earth will not be denied"
What a legacy we're leaving behind
What a legacy
Wouldn't it be odd
If there really was a God
And he looked down on earth
And saw what we've done to Her
Wouldn't it be just
If He pulled the plug on us,
And took away the sun

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