Aerosmith - LUV XXX Lyrics

Writer(s) : Perry, Joe / Tyler, Steven
Artist: Aerosmith Lyrics
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Album: Track 1 on Music from Another Dimension!
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There is nothing wrong your perception of the reality
Do not attempt to adjust the illusion
We control the harmonics
We control your emotions
We will move you to the left
We will move you to the right
We can reduce the volume to a whisper
Or increase it to a deafening roar
Now is the time to submit quietly
We control all you hear and feel
You are about to enter a great adventure
And experience the odd and mystery
From your ultimate fantasies, to your deepest fears
From which you may never return

Hello! Hello! Hello!
Come on, come on, come over
Hello! Hello! Hello!
Until the storm blows over

Love three times a day, love your life away
Love three times a day, and give yourself a …
Love three times a day, there ain’t no other way
It’s in your DNA
And everybody’ll know where you end

Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye
There’s no need to step over
Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye
Before you do all over

Love three times a day, lock yourself away
Hate yourself and say
and hit yourself …
Love three times a day, know now everyday
It’s in your DNA
a gentleman should ṗlay with a band

It’s a single, single, entertain
If you really need to know how to call my name
You can lose your mind, looking for your …
There’s a one kinda know, that’s just my style
Kissing downtown men with your … smile
Playing it close, kissing lipstick girls,
.. spells

Love three times a day
Lock yourself away
Love three times a day
and get yourself a ..
Love three times a day
Ain’t no other way
In a matinée
It’s time for you to take a stand

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