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Artist: After the Fire Lyrics
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Album: Track 2 on Signs of Change
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I've been sitting here thinking That too much thinking's not good for my brain Am I floating or sinking? All this thinking's going to drive this poor boy insane Then why don't you stop? I really don't know Do you want to or not? But it won't let me go Do you want to know peace? I'm not really sure Want your worries to cease? No, let me worry some more 'Cause I've been sitting here thinking That all this thinking's not good for my brain - Derr I've been thinking and thinking and thinking And I don't know if I can stand all this pain You're a fool to yourself Hey what do you mean? You can stop if you want Now your talking in dreams You've just got to let go Don't give me no jive I've got enough worries just staying alive So I step up and onwards, and what do I see? There's a mist of darkness and it's creeping up on me Many times before this road I've been But never alone, depression walks at my side again It's creeping up on me I can feel it in my soul There in the distance - a tiny point of light It's gr
owing, and glowing, and swallowing up the night But I've still got darkness in my eye's I must turn around, and face to where the brightness shines It's creeping up on me I can feel it in my soul

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