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Artist: After the Fire Lyrics
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Album: Track 4 on Laser Love
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Life in the city can be land of the lonely Who's gonna know you when you're lost in the crowd Everyone's looking after their one and only Everyone's frightened of talking out loud, they say You're one of the lonely people Cause nobody knows your name now Don't smile at people or they'll tell you your crazy Be nice to no one or they'll say you're a fool Look to the ground all the time that you're walking Stick to yourself, don't you know thats the rules, they say You're one of the lonely people Cause nobody knows your name now Across the street is an open door There's a man standing out of the rain He turns his collar to the wind And you know you'll never see him You know you'll never see him again He's one of the lonely people Cause nobody knows his name now Say what you like I think you're on in a million There's nobody like you, you're a class of you're own The city's the place that we've all gotta live in If we think of each other we can make it our home Everyone's fighting for a way to survive Nobody
listens to a word that we say There's more to life than just staying alive We can make it, we can make it all day I'll show you the way And you'll find Life in the city's okay

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