After the Fire - Suspended Animation Lyrics

Artist: After the Fire Lyrics
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Album: Track 5 on Laser Love
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Well look at me All safe and sound And both feet firmly off the ground What am I D-doing here The situations just unclear And what do you all think of that Don't it make you want to eat your hat Or will you all just S-stop and stare And watch me floating in the air Look at me, the strangest thing Like a balloon without a sting Or like a leaf without a tree Suspended there for all to see I'd rather be down a hole It's like a flag without a pole Perhaps I'll just float away And not come back another day Floating around is so strange Feet off the ground, it's so strange Here in the air, it's so absurd What can I say - I'm lost for words (Floating Away) - Floating Away (Floating Away) - Floating Away (Floating Away) - Floating Away

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