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Artist: Akeboshi Lyrics
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Album: Track 1 on White reply
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Tears of Rains everywhere I go Untitle this weather along the go.
Twenty Thousand year to go to get a ticket for the next goals.
Ohh Ohh Boy lost another game, it's all the same, a year of fail.
Maybe it's just a game, the sort of same. I kill your faith
Maybe it's deciving.
Maybe I should Grab the Money and Run.
'cause today is the day, if I say so.
Today is the day if I try so.
Tall boy what can you see from there?
Tell me exactly what do you see
Ohh Ohh Don't show your butt to long.
Feel you wanna start a game again
Today is the day, if I say so
Today is the day if I try so.
Today is the day, today's the day
Today is the day if I say so
but never is the time if you do so
If you do so...

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