Alabama If You're Gonna Play in Texas Lyrics

Artist: Alabama
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If you're gonna play in taxes,
You gotta have a fiddle in the band.
That lead guitar is hot,
But not for "Louisiana man".
So rosin up that bow for "faded love"
And let's all dance.
If you're gonna play in Texas,
You gotta have a fiddle in the band.

I remember down in Houston
We were puttin' on a show
When a cowboy in the back stood up and yelled,
"Cotton-Eyed Joe"!

He said, "we love what you're doin'.
Boys don't get us wrong,
There's just somethin' missin' in your song.


So we dusted off our boots and put our cowboy hats on straight.
Them Texans raised the roof when Jeff opened up his case.
You say y'all all want to two-step. you say ya want to doe-si-doe.
Well, here's a fiddlin' song before we go.


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