ALADDIN My Love Is Not A Game Lyrics

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(verse 1)
there is something i got to tell you i got to let you
know i really like you all i'm asking for is yout to
listen what i got to say your comprhension.
my love is not a game you cannot dribble it
and play or toss it up high you cannot pass
it or throw it because my love is not a game.
(verse 2)
I like you i hope you like me to because anything
is so possible you know i can't wait untill i see you
that is when it start because i love you
(verse 3 )
now where together that won't ever stop i like you and you
like me to i like you so much more than you ever know
because my love is real my love is a big deal.
_chorus 3x)
because my love is not a game
my love is not a game
love, is not, a game oooooooo oh
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