Alexander I Don't Wanna Say That Lyrics

Artist: Alexander
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Tomorrow, oh baby there's another day
Oh youre dying for nothing
Tomorrow, love does always find a way
You are dying for nothing
Oh this old town ain't big enough
Baby big enough for both of us
Baby, why is love a sacrfice to you
Oh, I don't wanna say that
I don't wanna say goodbye- (I can't live this lie girl)
I don't wanna say that
I don't wanna see you cry- (Can't live this lie girl)
If your heart is a weak, oh it hurts so bad
If your heart can speak, yeah it feels so sad, tonight
Tomorrow, babe is such a long, long time
Oh you're dying for nothing
Tomorrow, but I'm sure your sun will shine
Oh you're dying for nothing
Oh what kind of fool I am
To let you go, again, again
Hear my heart is beating just for you
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