Alexander If I Can't Have You Tonight Lyrics

Artist: Alexander
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Album: Take your Chance (2003)
Oh I was born
to be with you I cannot get enough from the moment,
when I saw your face, my love
and I'll never let you go oh even when I'm blue and I promise,
that I'll never, never break your lonely heart
you're the reason for my feeling, don't tear apart
If I can't have you tonight oh I'll lose my heaven,
oh I'll lose my heaven
If I can't have you by my side
I'll close my eyes till seven,
I close my eyes till seven
Don't be afraid of your lonely heart
I miss you more and more everybody needs someone to love,
for sure you're tearing down paradise
but you can't stop real love cause I'll never,
never break your lonely heart
you're the reasons for my feelings, don't tear apart
Oh you know my heart is crying
And I feel it is the end my love is never dying
you'll always be my friend
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