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Album: Here I am (2004)
Every time I see you,
every time I touch you,
you kiss the past goodbye,
oh every time you'll tell me,
that you really love me,
I feel like I can fly,
I miss you like the sunshine,
miss you like the heaven,
see what love can do,
dreams that money can't buy,
I'll give you everything girl,
all this and heaven too,
why do you say goodbye?
When the night comes falling from the sky
Maybe I'm right,
maybe I'm wrong,
the only thing I know is, Baby,
you're the one,
maybe I'm high,
maybe I'm down,
but I never ever want to be alone
Whatever makes you lonely,
whatever makes you crying,
Baby I'm still here,
the sky is getting blue girl,
Baby when I see you,
I'll take away your fears,
my door is always open,
"Hello little angel",
please don't fly away,
love is more than a feeling,
I lonely in my nightmare,
Baby can't you stay?
Where did you sleep last night?
Can't you stay by my side

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