Alice Cooper - Die for You Lyrics

Artist: Alice Cooper Lyrics
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Album: Track 10 on Hey Stoopid
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A hundred numbers on my wall
Some with namesI sometimes call
I dropa coin and watch it fall
Tryin' to get connected to you

A thousand hours all alone
My softest pillow turns hard as stone
This is the longest night on my own

Sometimes I shake my head
And laugh to myself
I'd like start again with somebody Ellis
I'm like a broken toy forgotten on the self

Baby, I could have been someone
I could have been something
It would have been nothing to die for you
Baby, you're going to need me
You'd better believe me
It would have been easy to die for you

A milloin memories flood my brain
Drown my sorrow
Kill my pain
Whets my thirst for you again
Just another night to get through

All my neighbors scream for quite at
my door
Shattered glass and torn up photos on
thrown on the floor
Well, I couldn't stand to see your pictures


These cuts are deep but you plead
Are you hell or are you heaven-sent
You're much too cold to know how much
You ment to me, Yeah

A billion tear drops fallen from my eyes
but it's just a joke now
I'm laughing at your lies

You made me hard as rock and now
I realize


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