Alice Donut - Diet Cola Syringe Lyrics

Artist: Alice Donut Lyrics
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Album: Track 5 on Donut Comes Alive
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rolling up my sleeves.
I got to got to
make it fit.
Push it through my frontal lobe.
A frozen smile -
it's what I need.

Diet Cola Syringe.
Diet Cola Syringe.
Those Kellogg kids, those hairy pets.
That homogenoues shine, so pure.

Sister Placebo is giving birth again,
to mongoloid children in the heartland of the Middle West.

Mister Please -
help me sir.
I got to got to
get employment.
Putting pimentos in olive loafs.
Good hard cash -
it's what I need.

Diet Cola Syringe.
Diet Cola Syringe.
That video,
that commercial,
that candidate,
- look the same.

Sister Placebo is touching me again,
as I'm making photocopies for crashing Wall Street -
with Brooklyn dead.

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