Alice Donut - New Jersey Exit Lyrics

Artist: Alice Donut Lyrics
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Album: Track 6 on Donut Comes Alive
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Due to heavy metal.
Due to Fread and Barney, Wilma and Pebbles.
New Jersey exit.
Suzy's got the flue.
Maybe this will clear up her sinuses,
she's got nothing better to do.

Your kids are having a gas in the garage.

Daddy comes home,
to the kiddie circus:
"Charlie! Get out of that car!"
"Sorry dad, got rigor mortis!"

Your kids are having a gas in the garage.

Is something's pretty much dead,
you might as well shoot it.
What will this do to car insurance?
How 'bout the family unit?
Seven at a time, death extravaganza.
Little Joe and Hoss, never did this on Bonanza.

Your kids are having a gas in the garage

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