Alice Peacock - I'm Still Here Lyrics

Writer(s) : Peacock, Alice
Artist: Alice Peacock Lyrics
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Album: Track 10 on Who I Am
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You can take what you want
Or leave it all behind
You can listen to your heart
Or give in to your pride

But when the morning comes
And the darkness clears
You're never on your own,
'Cause I'm still here

I know that you can't stay
I know you gotta' roam
But when you're far away
Remember this is home

And when you close your eyes and daylight disappears
Imagine me with you, I'm still here
I'm still here for you. You can count on me
Night or day

I'm for real, it's true
Please listen to what I say
Baby if your dreams have a hard time coming true
You know just where I'll be, standing there by you
I'll be at your side
To help you face your fears
No matter where you go, I'm still here

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