Alice Peacock - Love Lyrics

Writer(s) : Peacock, Alice / Baxter, John
Artist: Alice Peacock Lyrics
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Album: Track 8 on Who I Am
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Love, love is gonna' get you down
It's gonna' fill you up
It's gonna' swing you around

There's nothing to say,
There's nothing you can do
Just stay out of the way,
'Till love is through with you

Love, love is gonna' bring you down
It's gonna bring you down
Love, can make a happy home
It can bring you joy
It can leave you alone

How can it be that something so bittersweet
Is all that we're wanting and everything we need

Love will bend you, Love will break you
Then befriend you, then forsake you
Love will lead you through the fire
And show you all your heart's desire

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