Alice Peacock Northern Star Lyrics

Artist: Alice Peacock
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You were waiting at the end of the road
so I wouldn't miss the turn
on a moonless light with your flashlight
I was touched by your concern
And later telling stories 'bout the places we had been
you cried in the kitchen when we talked about religion
how you knew me when I was a girl
all mixed up about the world
and I guess it's fair to say
we're so alike in many ways
you're my northern star
that's what you are
When you were sick I brought you flowers
the by the highway sort
and we'd make love for hours and hours
on the couch in your front porch
and I'm sorry I kissed your brother
but I thought I saw your face
and you were gone the next summer you went so far away
and I guess you thought we were dangerous
you had to keep your distance
Ah but I, I would have styled the world for you
if you had insisted
'cause your my northern star
that's what you are
It's hard to see the stars at night
in the city where i live
even though my roof
the busy lights
make the summer skies seem dim
but I'm driving north tomorrow
cross the border about ten
I'll be looking for your light to guide me in
And I'll dream I'm in your arms
underneath the starry splendor
and you will never be that far
I'll always will remember
you're my northern star
that's what you are