Alkaline Trio - Settle for Satin Lyrics

Artist: Alkaline Trio Lyrics
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Album: Track 6 on Crimson
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It's not so much a storm
But just a cloud that lives inside of me
He doesn't disturb so easily these days
But when he wakes he goes the distance.

In a marathon it takes too long
Open containers that sing songs
You'll never dream again
But you can pray

I guess we only settle in to what we know
I guess we always settle in, we know.
But there is comfort in a world
Where darkness is the only thing we see

And cold is all we have to breathe
Where expectations keep us company
With the light we take to the outside
Will it die? I somehow hide of out control.
(we lost control).

It's not about the sky
Or the clouds that walk all over me
They don't give up too easily these days
But when they break they go to pieces.

For a pond blood here in north set barns
Under a sky that knows no stars
You'll never shine again
But you will stay.

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