All Left Out - Hold On (The Bridge of Perseverance) Lyrics

Artist: All Left Out Lyrics
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Album: Track 4 on The Conquest
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Left, right, left and I'm underway,
a hustle in my step, a hustle really can't convey.
Outdone, I wanna run to reach a place, the place I need to be.
So I really should be keeping up the pace.
I surrender, now or never.

Why is it, what I should I don't ?
Try to do right, not even close.
I know no-one is perfect.
I know no-one is perfect.

Pushing to keep my self in line,
nothing can turn me back this time,
as I have come to expect.
When I try to make a change,
it feels like everything has stayed the same,
and I try to take the blame,
it feels like everything has stayed the same.

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