All Left Out - One Way (The Valley of the Shadow of Death) Lyrics

Artist: All Left Out Lyrics
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Album: Track 5 on The Conquest
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Look at the options I have in front of me.
There's a fork in the road, up ahead, which way will I go?
Up above to the wall worn track or the valley below?

There's one way I've got to go,
Despite Everything I know.

There's one way I've got to go.

I wish I could take the easy way out of this,
It's not ideal but I have to commit.
I would take to the high road but there's no other way,
Taking everything in my stride I fight through the fray.

[Chorus x2]

There's one way I've got to go.

[Chorus x3]

There's one way I've got to go (I've got to go)
I've got to go
I've got to go

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