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Artist: All Wound Up Lyrics
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Album: Track 5 on Hero
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I Remember Back Growing Up
So Many Stories Had A Reason
We Don't Know What They Are
Too Much To Grow On, Not Enough
So Try And Define What It Means To You
Why Do They Waste All My Time
And We Take It All For One More
Chance To See…

Now I'm Older But Still A Kid
For Every Action There's Reaction
Things Seem To Summersault
Too Much To Go On, Not Enough
It Happens When I'm Trying To Succeed
Why Do They Waste All My Time
Then We Take It All For One More
Chance To See…

I'm Hoping For An Answer
To The Problem Caused
By This Catastrophy
Everybody's Looking For It
Question Answers And The Reason
Solutions Come When
We Can All Agree
Try And See

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