All Wound Up - Sing the Gap Lyrics

Artist: All Wound Up Lyrics
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Album: Track 12 on Hero
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So Many Wrong Intentions
You Had Me Two Steps Short From Thinking
That Everything Was Fine
But I Don’t Want To Be The One To Tell You
It’s Important That You Learn That For Yourself

If Honesty’s A Virtue Try And Get Some
Cause Honestly Your Lies Are Wearing Thin

I Don’t Want To Be The One To Tell You
Your Dreams Meant Nothing
You Can’t Have Everything You Want
I Don’t Want To Be There When You Notice
The Dream Is Over
We Knew This Long Before The Start

Running From Your Problems Makes Them Mine
And One’s You’ve Left Behind
You’ll Never Solve The Problems You Have
Burning Bridges And Super Highways

I Don’t Want To Be The One To Tell You
I Can Tell You Honestly That We’re Through
We’re Through

Solve Your Problems
Burning Bridges

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