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When i close my eyes at night, I pray
That God would send your love my way
Pray that he sends a love so sweet
Someone to take good care of me
Someone to take my heart
And make it their own
And love only me alone
That's when I found you
And i know that it's true
God gave me you cause...

I, I prayed for you
Everytime I close my eyes
I belive, deep in my hear that
God would come through
Cause I prayed for you.

When you're in my arms I feel so blessed
Cause I know your love is heaven sent
With every song that my heart sings
I owe to the joy that your love brings
Now I'm gonna take your heart
And make it my own and I'll never leave you alone
Thank God I found you
And for all that you do
All this came true cause...


Somehow I made it threw those times
When I wasn't sure aat all
You came and you changed my life
And I know that you were sent from above
Cause I...


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