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Album: Track 5 on Hotels & Dreamers
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We saw the times.
We wrote the songs of cafe bars in midnight chimes
In perfect rhymes that danced with melodies and songs.
We sang the times.
We payed our dues.
We took the road and played the game of win or lose.
We chose the muse.
She led us on in neon lights of midnight hughes.
And through it all,
The rise and fall,
The come and go, the lost and won.
We made our way
And took the day.
We marched the rhythms of our own.
And travelled on.
A single star that seems to hang on the horizon from afar.
A perfect star.
A city street light in the night, this was our star.
Those we knew,
The ones we lost along the way, the chosen few.
They left too soon.
But we're the ones who carry on for those we knew.

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