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Album: Track 8 on Hotels & Dreamers
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We send our postcars saying wish you were here.
Then made love under the portmouth peer.
I got it wrong and you started to cry.
I said I loved you but it was a lie.
You were gentle and I was rough,
I was talking big and acting tough.
Now I've forgotten your name, it was so long ago,
When we were two young kids ...
no place to go … no place to go …
We lost touch, I had the world to see.
I didn't think of you, did you think of me?
When you fell in love, was he good and kind
Like I should've been for your first time?
I should've got you a ring
From the trinket store
And drawn a heart with an arrow
On the portmouth wall.
Maybe got you a flower to wave in your hair.
I should have done something that was tender
To show that I care … to show that I care.
That's the way life sometimes goes.
How thing can change nobody knows.
For what it's worth and come what may,
I'm feeling bad when I think of that day.
Young love should be pure and true,
I should have been so good for you!
Do you remember the kid who got it all wrong?
Well that kid's now a man and he's writing this song.
I'm composing these words, trying to tell you somehow,
I didn't love you then – but I love you now …
I love you now!
That's the way life sometimes goes.
How thing can change nobody knows.
Nobody knows ... nobody knows ...
How things can change ... nobody knows ...

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