Allan Taylor The Mission Hotel Lyrics

Artist: Allan Taylor
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Anna works at the hotel
Where all the singers hang out.
She brings them their coffee
When the drinks have run out.
She dreams in the kitchen,
Stands real close to the door,
And she listens to them singing.
She wants to hear more.
They sings songs of the travelling through strange and foreign lands,
Play tunes on guitars with strong and delicate hands.
Sing of the ladies they left so far behind
And fame and the fortune they're hoping to find.
Anna brushes her hair and waits for the day,
For her lover to come and take her away.
She will know him for sure,
Cause she's dreamed of him so many times before,
When he takes her away.
The night's winding down and they're playing out the last tune.
It's time to be leaving and chasing that old devil moon.
A casual glance and Anna is ready to go
To rule in the arms of some sweet talking Romeo.
The song is a dream that sometimes gets lost on the way.
Dreaming's for lovers who sometimes don't know what to say.
But take it as given, it all comes 'round in the end,
When Anna is singing, dreaming of loving again.