Allison Crowe - Dark Blue Lyrics

Artist: Allison Crowe Lyrics
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Circle around the ocean
target where I'll drown
spotlight find me drifting
bloated and upside-down

floating away from prison
shattering my shell
finally getting to escape
floating away from my hell

and in my soul
you are my after life
that last face I'll see before
my dying light

and even though I taste your tears
you rid me of all mine
and even though I hate this place
I could never leave you behind

I feel you

and in this a whirlpool
and in this a maze
an unending battle
in a tireless haze

ah, raise your swords in fear now
and forget your tears
lashing out in anger
filtering through your fears

I see you
I know that
I need you
and want...

and so now I'll leave this
as my last request
don't you ever forget....

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