Allison Moorer - Long Black Train Lyrics

Artist: Allison Moorer Lyrics
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Album: Track 2 on Alabama Song
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I've been walking these mean streets
Hard concrete beneath my feet
Ain't found a friendly face among the crowd
The city's like a Christmas tree
A light for every dreamer's dream
But it seems mine has finally burned out

Long black train, take me home
I've worn out my welcome here, it's time to go
I have to face the music, this just ain't where I belong
Long black train, take me home

I should've known I was mistaken
When I thought that I'd be making
A name for myself in Babylon
Though I've tried to do my best
The suit and ties are not impressed
So with what's left of my pride, I'll carry on


I'm gonna trade my guitar for a ticket
Then climb aboard and ride you down the track
I know I'm licked, but it's hard to admit it
Maybe someday you can bring me back


Long black train, take me home

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