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Alphaville Wishful Thinking Lyrics

Artist: Alphaville Lyrics
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Album: Track 4 on Salvation
Length: 4:43

Into the night
Still falls the rain
Even the dogs stay home tonight
Out on the streets
Going nowhere
Just one direction in my thoughts
Love can be magic
It can be a game
Sometimes it's tragic
And sometimes a shame
Words were my bullits
Emotion my gun
I was a runner
Now I'm on the run

Sometimes I wish that you were dead
That is because you haunt me so
I wasn't right to let you go away
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I try to kill the pain inside
But you are always on my mind
No matter where I go or stay

Sometimes I dream my time away
And we're together again
But I know that can never be
And all my hopes are in vain
You were my treasure
That I didn't know
You were the sun in my life
Thought I was dying
When I realized
There's just one chance to survive...
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