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Artist: Am I Blood Lyrics
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Album: Track 2 on Am I Blood
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The charm of novelty exhausting my fear of charity
Love like a strong brick to the heart
A bound reality
Lock to a frayed cage that sways
Down to nothingness

Aggression my dirty flesh the sign
Depression needs more flesh to live

Silence deletes this wind
Premature indication of dark
Can't go back and see that face
On the crystal Figurine

Destruction my last vision of life
Masturbation the only friend I have

All alone with a desperate lie
Awake from deep disgrace to hear
There's no recall to surface
The future of disposed land
All alone with dissenter breed
To have bride and will to be
I came along these bitter years
Death surprises my loneliness

The experience of lie kills creative ability
Asylum for dependence is the cure to my disgrace
Oppression falls into parts today
Termination my executed mind

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