Am I Blood - The Truth Inside the Dying Sun Lyrics

Artist: Am I Blood Lyrics
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Album: Track 4 on The Truth Inside the Dying Sun
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I am justice in your eyes
I steal the light that feeds your mind
But I must be one you have escaped
I am a witness of you lies
The purest judge and executor
But I might be your only save

I am the life in your eyes
I am the life in your heart
I am the life inside the dying sun

Secret for your eyes, Mysterious disguise
Your safe to survive

Enjoy, diversify success
It's the last you've taken off me
Exhaust, anger from your pureness
Save affliction
No, I never said you belive
What I understand or say

Secret for...

The truth inside the dying sun
The truth inside the dying sun
My word is not enough to save the dying:Sun

I am an overdone respect
Agitation of your hate
An oder from higher up
I am corruption of your plans
The arbitrator of dissension
I split the difference without compromise

I am the life...

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