Amanda Marshall - Red Magic Marker Lyrics

Artist: Amanda Marshall Lyrics
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Album: Track 6 on Everybody's Got a Story
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"Yo, 'manda, come on"
Where are you living?
What planet do you come from?
Is their TV, email, or a telephone line?
Do you have friends?
Or family to warn you when there's trouble?
Cause up to now you're deaf, dumb and blind

This is my line in the sand
This is my last open hand

Can't you read?
Cause it's written all over my face
That I love you
It's in red magic marker
Can't you see?
It's the kind of ink that you can't erase
Says "I love you"
It's in red magic marker

I try to wash it off
But it won't go away

Are you gay?
That's cool, just tell me
It's okay, I'll feel stupid but then we can hang out
But if you're straight
Then what the ****'s the matter?
Cause my deepest intuition tells me there is no doubt

This is my line in the sand
This is where I take a stand


I try to wash it off
But it won't go away
Won't go away, no

Sit up and pay attention (I just need to know)
You're in your own dimension (somewhere I can't go)
I can't help the way I feel
This is my last appeal

[Chorus: x2]

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