Amanda Perez - I Like It Lyrics

Artist: Amanda Perez Lyrics
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Album: Track 14 on Angel
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Ohhh I like it

I like it when you lick right here
I like it when you touch right there
I like it when you run your fingers through my hair
Oh you do it so right
Can we do it tonight
Cuz you know I like, I like it

[verse 1]
Ohhhhh, I like it when you lay me on the center sheet, the way
you pull on me
The way you hold on me we don?t ever have time to fight
everything is so
Tight, but what I really like I like, it when


[verse 2]
Hummmmm,strawberries and whip cream on top of me, givin me good
lovin from my
My feet your love is the type of love that I never let go and I
want you, i
You to know


Uhhh uhhhh right now this where it get real freaky, freaky
I like it when you lay me on the center sheet they way you pull
on me the way
You hold
On me ohh you do it so right can we do it tonight cause you know
i- I like it

Ooh yeah, ooh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
Oh you know I like it!

[chorus x2]

Ooh yeah, mmmm mmmmm you know u make me feel sooo good,
Ohh baby I like it ohh yeah

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