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[AMG] Aiyyo 304 man
[304] Yo man whats up
[AMG] Remember that girl I used to talk to Alicia
[304] Yeah
[AMG] Yeah man, that girl is a trip man
[304] For real?
[AMG] Yeah, I called her house today man, she wasnt there so her moms picked
up the phone start teling me all this crazy shit about this bitch

Yo momma told me that you was a hoe
Tell baby, is it really so
Yo momma told me you's a freak
Everynight and every week

Baby, I know I told you
About your ways, and about your own style
Cause when I called your house
Yo momma answered the phone
And opened up her big mouth


Come to think about it everytime we ahhh did it
I'd be all done, and you'd still be wit' it
Girl what do you have, inbetween your legs
Please don't me plead, and please don't make me beg

Yo momma, yo momma, yo momma, she told me
Yo momma, yo momma, yo momma
You know what she said baby
You wanted to love me down
Round and round, all around
Back around, cause you's a hoe and you's a freak
Ohhh baby

Yo momma told me that you was a hoe(She told me)
Tell baby(Tell me baby), is it really so(Let me know, let me know you hoe)
Yo momma told me you's a freak(Tell me baby, is it really true)
Everynight and every week(I gotta know, I gotta know know know)
Yo momma told me that you was a hoe(Gotta know, won't you tell me)
Tell baby, is it really so(Won't you le me know)
Yo momma told me you's a freak(Let me know, please let me know)
Everynight and every week(Let me know)
Yo momma...

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