Amon Amarth - Cry of the Black Birds Lyrics

Artist: Amon Amarth Lyrics
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Album: Track 7 on With Oden on Our Side
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Raise your swords up high!
See the black birds fly!
Let them hear your rage!
Show no fear!

Charge your horses across the fields
Together we ride into destiny
Have no fear of death, when its our time
Oden will bring us home, when we die!

The ground trembles under us
As we make our thunder charge
The pounding hooves spread panic and fear into their hearts
Our helmets shine in the sun as we near their wall of shields
Some of them turn and run
When they hear our frenzied screams!

Draw your swords to strike!
Hear the Black Birds cry!
Let them feel your hate!
Show no fear!


The enemy are in disarray ride them down as they run
Send them to their violent graves don't spare anyone
Dead and wounded lie all around see the pain in their eyes
Over the field an eerie sound, as we hear the ravens cry

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