Amon Amarth Twilight of the Thunder God Lyrics

Artist: Amon Amarth
Publishers: ©Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
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Length: 4:08

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There comes Fenris' twin
His jaws are open wide
The serpent rises from the waves

Jormundgandr twists and turns
Mighty in his wrath
The eyes are full of primal hate

Thor Odin's son
Protector of mankind
Rise to meet your fate
Your destiny awaits
Thor Hlôdyn's son
Protector of mankind
Rise to meet your fate
Ragnarök awaits

Vingthor rides to face
The snake with hammer high
At the edge of the world

Bolts of lightning fills the air
As Mjölner does its work
The dreadful serpent roars in pain


Mighty Thor grips the snake
Firmly by it's tongue
Lifts his hammer high to strike
Soon his work is done
Vingtor sends the giant snake
Bleeding to the depth
Twilight of the thundergod
Ragnarök awaits
Twilight of the thundergod [Repeat: x3]

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