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It's always gone within two days.
Follow my father, his extravagant ways.
So if I got it I will spend it all,
Camden and Parkway 'til I hit a wall.

I cross my fingers at the cash machine,
As I check my balance I kiss the screen.
I love it when it says I got the means,
To go to Miss Sixty and pick up my new jeans.

Never lasts me long,
Handle finance wrong,
Blow it all on bags and shoes,
Jazz 'n blues. (2x)

Standin' too deep at the bar today,
Wait with impatience to throw my cash away.
Four white Russians a JD and Coke,
Buy their drinks all night and now I am broke.
But that's cool 'cause I can borrow more from you,
And I didn't forget about that fifty pound, too.
Tell you what, my advance is comin' through,
I'll take you out shoppin',
Can you wait 'til next June? Yeah.

Never lasts me long,
Handle finance wrong (handle it wrong),
Blow it all on bags and shoes,
Jazz 'n blues (jazz and blues).

Never lasts me long (long),
Handle finance wrong (wrong),
Blow it all on bags and shoes (blow it all),
Jazz 'n blues.

(Repeat Chorus 4x)

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