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Album: Track 2 on The Best of Andrew E.
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Guess what, you know last night
Yo, it was the best
I met a pretty girlie na taga-IS
Mayro'n siyang mga kasama, four to make it sure
Isa lang ang aking napuna, lahat sila demure

Kaya't ang sabi niya, "Hey Andrew,
I would like you to meet my friends"
And believe me, lahay sila ay may Mercedez Benz
This is Ana, this is Karen, this is Tanya, this is Jill
Lahat sila nakatira sa San Lorenzo Ville

Among the four, kay Ana, ako napatingin
At pagkatapos no'n si Ana ay biglang lumapit sa 'kin
Tinanong niya 'ko "Hey Andrew, can I have your number too?"
Sumagot ako, "801-67-22"

Okey then, kami'y nag-party yo! till the break of dawn
Umuwi ako sa bahay then natulog ako maghapon
And you know, ako'y ginising and talagang na-shock
'Cause nag-ring ang aking phone
Kaninang two 'o clock

So I got my wireless telephone, ang sabi ko, "Hello"
Sumagot siya, "Hey Andrew, can I ask you, can you go?"
And sabi ko, "Ana, go where?"
Ang sabi niya, "Come over here
Andrew, let's eat some pizze
And, Andrew let's drink some beer"

So after twenty minutes I was knocking on her door
Nakita ko si Ana, she was lying on the floor
Ako'y kanyang tinawag and you know alam n'yo ba?
Ang sabi niya sa 'kin
"Andrew, Andrew, are you ready na?"

Andrew Ford Medina

Pagkatapos noon, alam n'yo ba?
We went to the garage
And sabi n'ya sa akin
Hey Andrew, can you give me a massage?
Hinilot ko ang front
Pati ang kanyang back
Then, Ana squeezed me tight
And then she gave me a smack

But ako'y biglang tinulak
So, ako'y napaupo
At ang sabi niya sa akin,

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