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Album: Track 2 on This I Gotta See
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She's black smoke formin' across the sky
I ask for a water and she brings me wine, she brings me wine
She's one part angel and the other part sin
I say I'm tired and she says, ?Lets go again, lets go again?

My kind of, my kind of beautiful
Lover and friend
If I'm dreamin', please don't wake me up
I wanna see how, how the story ends

She's a bad moon risin', she's the sunlight through the rain
She the calm before the storm, yeah she's a hurricane, a hurricane
Oh now, Sunday mornin' service, with that look in her eye
I never heard the preachers words but I saw the light, I saw the light


I wanna see how it ends

If I'm dreamin' please don't wake me up
I wanna see how, how the story ends


Oh, my kind of beautiful
Oh, she's my lover and friend
Oh, my kind, my kind, my kind
Yeah, my kind of beautiful

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