Angelspit - A La Mode, a La Mort Lyrics

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Oh fashionista loving you mista
Relieve the pain, pull a little tighter
Dandy man workin' at typewriter
Head count eaten by the grinder
Nose to the grind for 8 hours of hate
Marching to the orders of the fashionist state
smacked out pretty doll rock-a-billy tats
Fake hair, Piercings and fries with that
A la mode a la mort
Constricted bound, tied up
A la mode a la mort
Held up with a rubber cup
Perfect shape through carnal bonsai
Spank the monkey 'til she bleeds peroxide
get in line roll a dollar debase
Turn to the right, attention deface
Transdermal luxury Premium hind
Modify the body, pacify the mind
Churned out grrl-bot in Stereo
Seasonal depression material
Vanity is all right, is really all right. Little miss world
miss big bang sweetie
Vanity is all right, is really all right. Miss universe
miss the point completely
colour me by numbers I'm bound to please
beautiful and deadly, the bomb shell sleaze
Literati breeds Thigh hi dogma
Gothed out malibu muther-fucker

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