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With these milky lips
We’re kissing violence
On these loving tongues
We burn up kings

Turn your ****ing cheek
I’m gunna drive the knife through
Your stench of deceit
Before you get a chance to

Your sharp intellect
With crippling silence
Slip between the sheets
Stealthy compliance

Den of lying snakes
2 faced junky social mores
Mandrake concentrate
I’ll give you ****ing sores

Shadow whisper breaking chalice
Burning candle blackened malice
Casting circles weeping callous (don’t get mad)
Voodoo pinning devil jealous (get even)

first light a fire
Next wicked speak
Burn singe the hair
Vex seal with spit

I am your sweet regret
With protective shell
Gently drag you down
Though this dirty hell

Blood brothers, narcissism
Duplicity isn’t new
Spit sisters, egotism
Watch me while I throttle you

Full of frailty
Growing desperate
To insanity
Pervert flesh on a plate

Scream out treachery
Everyone likes to look
They just want to see you
Dancing on a meat hook

Dance of darkness beats
Spent words misconstrued
Under dermis seethes
Entertainment for the few
Mouth loaded with a gun
Trap door with vocal chords
God puppet beats a drum
Entertainment for the bored
Zombie doll with wings
Feasting on rot
Evil siren sings
Cast the fat lot
Vulture rip away
Scavenging parasite
Full blown soul decay
Under the silver knife

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