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Are we safe alone tonight?
The ... moans an eagle crying out but trying not to choke
He's lost his pride
He looks for somewhere safe to die
And goes alone
His never trying heart you bullshit me to give it one more time
Is it OK?
Although my instinct wants him to survive
All of the digits stand and look up height
Look at the light! That's like something

And I'm sorry I caught you in my life
...I don't know why
Eagle on my head tonight...
That always seems a bit too high
And just that day
I could touch you with my...
And now the mountains I can't climb
I'm just eating for something
And I'm sorry I caught you in my life
I'm hunting and I don't know why
In the open...

Now my heart is taking over
Now my heart is taking over
And evil start talking
It's hard to know why
Are we speaking our mind,
or just passing the time?
It's addictive like ...
But that holds up the...
But I liked you ... and talking to you!

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