Animal Collective - Whaddit I Done Lyrics

Artist: Animal Collective Lyrics
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Album: Track 12 on Sung Tongs
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It's night time
Where I park outside
What have I done in the last day time?
Where am I out in the night time?

Going crazy,
On a free fall,
They are dancing
At the wrong maw
With the right girl
And the low and mine
And they left the stall

And it's doing time
Ease and let me in
I love when we come
And it's good so
And it cures stress too
And it blows your mind
It's a neat time
Any wish now
We've got free hands
Go and need hands
Is where we were
Out takin' these times

It's a good time
When new call
Where we come to say
That I need ya
And I need ya
When I need ya
And I need ya
When we need ya
Do I need ya
Yeah I need ya
Do I need ya

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