Anorexia Nervosa - Dirge & Requiem for My Sister Whore Lyrics

Artist: Anorexia Nervosa Lyrics
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Album: Track 7 on Drudenhaus
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He's waiting semi-naked
His make-up makes him look like you slut
I'm not sure to be prepared
And he's shouting and smiling and laughing too

I enter the room - I wanna talk
Wanna beat him, wanna turn him into pieces
But he's so pretty, unfortunately
That I'm getting more and more fascinated

And on his face, I see your eyes
His lipsticked lips remind me your velvet kisses

But I know, oh God I know
That I don't hate anybody more than him
But I know, oh God I know
That I don't hate anybody more than you(r) cunt

I wanna torture his cursed body
Be delighted by his screams
Enlighted as he calls for his dead father

I killed him just the nite before
I want to hear him saying : " God please no more ! "

I feel him I need her
I want his flesh in between my lips
'Cause I'm your sister
I'm your sister witch

Dechirons leurs entrailles
Je veux baiser leurs tripes
Remplissons les de foutre et de merde jusqu'a vomir de plaisir
Il faut bruler ces corps et broyer ces membres impurs
Buvons notre haine, regalons nous de leur misere
Je veux leur arracher les yeux
Les sodomiser avec leurs langues
Sculpter une idole de la luxure pour la profaner aussitot...

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