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Artist: Another Breath Lyrics
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Album: Track 14 on Mill City
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I'm at the threshold between chapters of my life deciding the price of turning the page. How much more? How much time? Trying in figure out what I stand to leave behind. Trying to figure out what I hope to gain. I need to make it on my own. Sometimes I get thinking about moving on. Taking one last glance behind me then walking away. But how could I face myself if at twenty-three I just let go, said good-bye to the best days of my life. i get so hung up on the feeling of staring at the sunshine in the side-view just thinking how we have it all. We took it all. Yeah we take everything.This world is ours We could embrace it or we could torch it just to watch it burn. We've raced the sun. We've fought the ocean. Outrun the law on our drives toward tomorrows that were faced never with doubts, but with anticipation. "I closed my eyes. In that moment I tried to imprint on my brain what it feels like to be young. To be young and have nothing else matter." Nothing else matters. But I can feel this slipping away and I want to hold on with all of my strength. Youth his an opportunity. Take advantage before it's gone

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