Aphrodite's Child - The Seventh Seal Lyrics

Artist: Aphrodite's Child Lyrics
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Album: Track 6 on 666
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And when the lamb
Opened the next two seals,
We saw the souls,
We saw the martyrs,
We heared them crying,
We heared them shouting,
They were dressed in white,
They'd been told to wait.
The sun was black,
The moon was red,
The stars were falling,
The earth was trembling.
And then a crowd
Impossible to number
Carrying flowers,
Shouted amid
The hotless sun
The lightless moon
The windless earth
The colourless sky :
"How much longer
Will we suffer from hunger?
How much longer
Will we suffer from thirst?"
And when the lamb
Opened the seventh seal,
Silence covered the sky

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