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Album: Track 18 on Keep the Change
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It was the past in Eden
You kept the two of them clean
They were the best man and woman that had ever been
Too bad the snake arrived
Tellin' Eve those lies
Knockin' them out- You closed up paradise fast
They did not have a prayer
Yet the Bible declares
You told them You'd come
But you was already there
Cause the Lamb was slain from, the earth's foundation
In Revelation, verse 13:8 it says
You- booked it all along
Yeah, You booked it all along
From the dawn of time
You had that stuff in mind
Romans 8:29 says it's divinely designed
When we go to the cross
It's just the Father who draws
You revealed That to me in John 6:44
Went to choose You now
Today and then I found
How in fact you chose me
Today in John 15
Cause the Lamb was slain from, the earth's foundation
Predestination, defeatin' Satan
Cause you- booked me all along
Yet you- could see all my wrongs
You blotted them out- and you booked me all along
Had to save me and- you- booked me all along
Yeah, you booked me
Then you took me

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